Day 5

Wow what a day. This challenge started off with me thinking that I would really struggle to find a truly happy moment each day. So far, so not a struggle. And today, well just so many things have been truly happy.

Firstly, A going up in assembly to share her competition news. We’re not a family of winners so was pleased she got to have a moment like that.

Secondly, an uplifting walk in Ashridge Forest with two very special friends. Bluebells still out and like a beautiful blue blanket in the woods (see pics below). Then to follow that a huge cream scone and mug of tea at the cafe (walks have to be followed by a cake and tea, it’s the law).

I really thought that my day was now complete of happy moments, until I discovered the gift shop had log cut offs for sale. This may seem an odd happy moment but I have been looking for a log for over a year for a mini garden project and this one is perfect! Watch this space for the completed project.

I am now lying on my bed for 5 minutes before a night out with friends.

Oh happy day. #100happydays





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