Day 11

I’m starting to feel a little like a person shipwrecked on a desert island, counting the days since I washed up here. Some days I wish I WAS on a desert island.

There would need to be some ground rules though. Firstly a bed. Yes, I know it’s not very realistic but this is my fantasy so go with it. I’ve been camping and glamping and it’s just not for me. Nothing other than a king sized, quilted-mattress bed will do.

Secondly a loo. I am not one of these hysterical people who can’t use public toilets – I have favourites obviously (John Lewis) – but I cannot do alfresco i.e. no cubicle. I regularly have disturbing dreams where I am desperate for a pee and the only loo I can find is smack bang in the middle of a shop and there’s nothing surrounding it. Think Homebase bathroom display toilet in the middle of the Indigo section of M&S. So yes, most definitely a toilet.

Thirdly, music. I can’t be without music. And books, preferably a kindle. With wi-fi.

Oh and I haven’t mentioned food or water. Oh hell. Let’s face it, this fantasy desert island scenario is starting to sound like a week in Sandals (no kids allowed) but without my husband, and we all know that’s never going to happen. Time to snap out of it.

So back to today – day 11. I have been looking forward to today for a couple of weeks. It marks the start of Happy Half Term. No work for either me or K for a week. Lovely things planned (and the pessimist in me has been bound and gagged so no negative thoughts about bad weather, illness, crises, etc. can sneak in and spoil the mood), determined to be chilled and happy.

My happy moment today cannot be photographed. It was very special though. My increasingly more teenager-like-by-the-day son had the day off “ill”. He was feeling poorly last night and was awake until quite late so the softie that I occasionally am let him stay at home on the understanding that homework was completed and that he helped me sort out the pile of Lego that’s been sitting in my dining room since before Christmas. We were sitting in companionable silence until he started chatting, and chatting and chatting. It was so lovely and I had a “moment”. My sensitive, thoughtful, caring boy was back and he made me smile. A lot.



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