Day 12

Today’s happy time is simple: lunch and a spot of shopping with my wonderful mum. She always makes me smile. She still thinks I’m 14 years old, but sometimes I need that. To be a daughter and not be the one in charge, just for a few hours. So when she tells me to “be quiet – I’m buying lunch and that’s the end of it” I listen and do as I’m told. On the other hand she values my opinion and listens to my point of view.

My dad always jokes, when we’re leaving their house to go shopping, “be nice to each other – no arguing”. He remembers the good old days of my teen years when she drove me mad, trying to “advise” me what to buy. I suppose as she was probably paying she had a right to advise. It’s more equal these days with each of us giving our honest opinions – never too brutal I hope!


You hear women saying that their mums are their best friends. I don’t buy that – my mum is my mum. She’s supported me when I’ve needed her; nothing’s real until I’ve told her; I can always rely on her and I value her so much – especially since having my own children. She’s my lovely mum.



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