Day 14 – 2 weeks in and loving the challenge

Wow 14 days already. I really hadn’t thought too much about what this challenge meant or how it would work out. The first few days were a breeze and I found it very easy to see the happy. Then I had a bit of a lull and the happy was harder to find. I’ve always been aware (as we probably all are – unless you’re one of those perpetually happy people who’ve never had a mood swing even as a teenager) of my dips in mood and that they can swing from cheerful to melancholy at the drop of a hat. So the less easy days have not come as a big shocker. But what has been great about doing this challenge (and I intend to continue this practice after the 100 days) is that I’ve made myself find my happy moment even when it’s got to a late stage of the day.

So, it’s proved to me that I am the master of my happiness and if that be from spending time with genuinely lovely, no agenda friends and family or just reading my favourite book then I can choose to be happy. I can make the happy moment happen.

When I turned 40 nearly 2 years ago I joked that that was it now, I was going to only do things that made me happy. This was a very half hearted attempt at being nonchalant about turning 40. I knew that I would still do things I didn’t want to or go to events I didn’t want to attend. After all I still had to clean the bathroom so how far could I really take this?

But actually the reality has been that I’ve made more time for me. I’ve had tea at the Ritz, I’ve worn dresses for the first time since I was nine, I’ve promised myself a spa day once a year and I’ve been to more gigs and concerts than in the whole of my twenties. I’ve reassessed who my real friends are and I’ve cherished family more.

This #100happydays challenge couldn’t be more appropriate to my life at the moment. I am going to enjoy finding my happy moments and making them happen when I need to.

So back to today. I have avoided sleepover dates for my kids like they were the plague but today I grabbed the bull by the horns and T has a friend here tonight. We’ve had a barbecue and a fire in the garden and they’re now getting ready to “go to sleep”. And it’s been fine. In fact it’s been more than fine. They’re great kids and they have made me smile. The happiest moment was T saying goodnight to A and giving her a huge hug. Not too unusual in some houses I expect but few and far between here. Happy days.


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