Day 17

Bit of a roller coaster day today.

A had yet another appointment with lovely Hugh the dentist this morning to (hopefully) remove the remaining rogue tooth that’s stopping the adult one coming through.

Poor love has really been through the mill in the last 2 weeks with such a lot of repercussions from what we thought would be a routine 6 month check up. We’ve had 3 teeth out (one very quickly and painlessly and two with injections, blood and pain over the course of 3 appointments) and a 2 hour long hospital apppointment resulting in x rays, photos and moulds ready for a retainer to be fitted in a week or so.

She was so brave today for the 3rd extraction in the full knowledge that it was going to hurt. The dentist (lovely Hugh) was so good with her – he’s very patient and really talks to her rather than directing all the info to me – and she was very upset but thankfully it was all over very quickly, and she was soon full of smiles for him.

We popped to see grandma and grandad to cheer her up and she showed them her map of London from our trip yesterday. My Dad loves maps, especially of London, so he was thrilled to bits to see where we’d been. A happy moment watching them poring over the map together. They absolutely think the world of each other.

Another dip on the roller coaster as I met up with an old friend who’s having a tough time. We caught up on all that’s been happening, with a few tears at how life can change in a heartbeat and everything you felt sure of becomes uncertain. I really feel for her and feel sad that she’s been so let down by someone we both thought was an absolute rock. Life really is a bitch sometimes.

Back up the loop of the ride again later with a very brief visit to the other Jane to give her some birthday cheer for tomorrow. I always feel a sense of calm when I go to her house and she never fails to make me smile, so another happy moment.




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