Day 19

This week has been so brilliant. I’m actually amazed that not only was I looking forward to it (I’m normally a “things will go wrong” kind of girl) but that it’s actually worked out even better than I imagined. We’ve spent so much proper time with the kids and each other, it’s been really special.

This morning we met grandma and grandad for breakfast at the stunning Luton Hoo estate. It’s the 2 year anniversary of my 40th birthday tomorrow but G&G are at a family wedding so we celebrated a day early.

We’ve been before on our own (K and I) and we’ve been with G&G but never with the kids. They were awestruck when we arrived – “it’s like going for breakfast at a National Trust house!!!” – and the food itself seemed equally as pleasing. And they were so well behaved and polite. Real stars.

It was so lovely to go with them and G&G – a real family outing. Another happy time and one to remember.




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