Day 20

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my 40th birthday. I decided when I turned 40 that I wouldn’t care. And I don’t really, but in my head I’m 26. I didn’t love being 26. I’ve been much happier (that word again…) since I’ve been 40 but 42 just sounds so blinkin’ old! So my friend (whose birthday is 2 days before mine) and I decided we would just have 40th birthday anniversaries from now on.

And as anniversaries (or even birthdays) go it was pretty nice. I don’t like lying in, so the whole “have a lie in and we’ll bring you breakfast in bed” doesn’t really work for me. So, it was all fairly normal apart from some lovely cards and gifts before I got up. K has hurt his back over the last day (by bending down, nothing heroic) so the planned bike ride looked to be in jeopardy but my powers of reverse psychology won the day (again) and he decided that he was manly enough not to ruin my day and managed to get the bikes on the roof rack. And off we headed. And we had a good day – some moaning from the youngest one but hey ho!

I have to mention my friends survival kit from my lovely other Jane and some fab maps from lovely Mrs L. I look forward to getting my trainers mucky walking with her!

I’m a lucky girl.




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