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Day 49

(written at 4pm)

T, A and I are sitting in the car in a car park in the Lee Valley while K is valiantly putting the bikes back on the roof – in the pouring rain.

We have just finished a 2 hour bike ride past lakes, weirs, barges and rowing boats. We’ve had sunshine, showers and torrential rain. Have we had fun? Hell, yeah! Down hills screaming our heads off, up hills panting our lungs out, and along narrow towpaths shouting “keep right!” to A to stop her falling in the water!

I have been lucky enough to have been bought a fab new bike by K which is a dream to cycle (the chain doesn’t keep falling off for a start) and I am falling in love with cycling. Still not sure about heading out on the roads yet with A but loving our discovery of the trails round the Lee Valley and looking forward to trying out other places we’ve heard of and particularly looking forward to our holiday in August.

So yes it’s raining, and yes we’re all a bit cold and tired but I think I can safely say it’s been a happy day (so far. I am desperately trying not to think about T going away tomorrow for the week. Going to miss him very much.)



Before the rain!


Day 48

Oops late again.

Happy news yesterday. We’ve all been a bit worried about my Nan since her trip to the hospital a few weeks back. She’s lost weight and started to look quite frail and hasn’t really been her usual self. But the results from her tests have all come back clear and she seems to have perked up again. I can’t imagine being 93 and I certainly can understand her thinking the worst when she feels unwell – especially as she’s recently lost her oldest friend.

So I’m very relieved and happy that she’s got nothing to worry about and is feeling more like her old self again. Looking forward to visiting her next weekend – the kids like going to see her too and she will be so pleased to see them.


Day 47

Naughty posting late for yesterday.

It’s not very exciting, but we finally got rid of the manky carpet in the lounge and, after much deliberating of what to go for instead, the new one is down and looks lovely.

And really enjoyed sitting with T watching Andy Murray playing at Wimbledon. T has got quite into tennis at school this summer and it was nice to have someone to watch with as I’m usually left alone “because it’s soooooo boring”.


Day 46

A slightly double edged happy moment today.

T came in from school feeling – in his own words – a bit rough. He’d had year 7 inter-house sports day today and too much sun had left him with a headache and a bit nauseous. (He always panics a bit when he feels nauseous after his racing heart episodes last time he had a stomach bug.) He had some water and some paracetamol and I suggested a lie down on his bed with the fan on to cool him down, which was met with no resistance whatsoever. Gave him a hug and sat with him for a bit while he cooled down. Told him to give me a shout if he needed me and that I would leave him in peace. “No, stay! I like you being here – it’s nice”. So another long hug and it was like he was very little all over again.

I know he’s only (nearly 12) but he’s been so grown up since starting “big school” that it was a real surprise and a very happy thing to have him need me and want me to mummy him. I wonder how much longer it will be before he’s all “oh get off mum!” Or maybe that day will never come and there’ll always be time for a quick hug. I hope so.


P.S he’s feeling much better now and just has a slightly red face to show for it. Not sure I approve of the no hat policy that seems to be in force at the school though – not very sensible.

Day 45

One thing has made me happy today. Or I should say one person. My son.

We have had our first parents evening today at the end of T’s first year at secondary school and to say I am proud is an understatement. We’ve had excellent feedback from his teachers with some surprise results in end of year tests. In short he’s doing just fine academically and even doing excellently in a couple of subjects.

But it was his form tutors words (our last meeting of the session, and in his maths teacher capacity) that made me feel I was going to cry with pride. “He’s a brilliant person who has real empathy and caring for other people and a great attitude. You should be very proud of him indeed”. Means more to me than any academic achievements (although that’s great too, from T’s point of view).

A very proud happy mum tonight.



Day 43

Tired tonight so just a short post before my eyes start to go! A persuaded me to get the old inflatable dragon sprinkler out of the shed so she could run around and get wet after school. As an alternative to blowing up and filling up the paddling pool this seemed a smart move. She had so much fun running around and squealing, it was a joy to watch.


Of to bed to finish my latest book. If I last that long!