Day 22

Well no surprises, it’s been a struggle today. Back to school and work for everyone so early starts and lots to do. Very odd dreams last night including scouring shops for a turkey (it was Christmas in June apparently) and being late to collect children and late for appointments. Not rocket science to see what started those off (apart from the turkey hunt – still puzzled by that one!). So a bit bleary eyed this morning and not really ready for the routine again.

But I finished an excellent book which always makes me happy especially a big fat one like this was and with a fantastic ending. Then of course the very enjoyable task of choosing the next one to read. Nothing in the bookshelf grabbed me so I’ve downloaded a couple on my kindle which I’m looking forward to starting one of tonight. At least I can always rely on a book to see me right.

Day 2 of the Ab challenge was ok – a few more of each exercise tonight and then I managed half an hour of a new Pilates DVD which was great. So maybe I can add exercise as a potential source of happiness? Erm, this is me we’re talking about, so I’m not going to get too carried away just yet.

Now, where’s my kindle?


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