Day 25

Posting this now for yesterday. Technology let me down last night and I couldn’t get on to my app to post my happiness! I didn’t let it spoil things though.

Another mixed bag yesterday. A wasn’t keen to go into school and it transpired that she’s being left out again by a few of the girls. But she soldiered on and I spent the day in knots. I’ve emailed the head to have a chat about if before they have some sessions in class about communication and behaviour. Hoping it might all help.

On a lighter note and some moments of happy: Dad’s birthday yesterday so we popped over to see him and mum with some cards and chocs (until he tells me what he’d actually like for a present) and was very happy that he liked my “you’re bloody brilliant” card. Seemed to say it all really. Always happy times seeing G&G.

We returned to get A to brownies to find the sit-up aid from Mrs L along with some gorgeous sweetheart roses from her for A to cheer her up. To say she was thrilled is an understatement. They are in her room so she can look at them whenever she likes and they are just for her! Such kind, lovely people I have as friends.

This was followed by a lovely chat with my fab Miss T.  How can that not be happy?!



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