Day 27

Oops another (day) late posting. The planned quiet day became a busy day of shopping for football boots, shoes and padded cycling shorts (don’t ask), followed by a 6 mile long walk through the beautiful Dunstable (who knew?) countryside.

Don’t tell Mrs L, as the maps had strict instructions to only be used in her company, but we did a circular Dunstable Downs-Totternhoe Knolls-Dunstable Downs walk. Except we seemed to miss out the Knolls part slightly due to some “helpful” dog walkers who advised us to take a less hazardous route to the knolls but actually meant we missed them entirely! A was not hugely impressed with the heat (unexpected), big hill to climb up on the way back (unplanned but caused by aforementioned dog walkers) or her swollen hot feet. So we had a bit of whinging. I was tempted to join in to be fair.

However we saw some stunning views and A picked a posy of beautiful wild flowers (and carried them the entire way back). Ice creams for at T & A and tea and coffee for K and I back at the almost-closing-for-the-day visitor centre were very welcome indeed. Boots off and feet aired. A managed to inadvertently cool hers further by stepping in the dog water bowl left out near our table! Nice!

Lovely dinner eaten in the garden followed by the BGT final and some of the chocs from the hamper.


The Visitor Centre in the far distance seen from roughly half way on our walk.

The hedge we were behind at our halfway point in the distance. We made it back…just…


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