Day 31

Getting in early tonight so make up for the two late posts.

Nature has had a big hand in my “happy” today. Yes, nature. She who is not a lover of animals, insects and mess. Firstly, my lovely gerbera plant that T & A gave me for Mother’s Day is still alive and has the most beautiful red flower on it today.


Secondly, our neighbours called over the fence this afternoon to tell us that they have a Robins nest in their garden and would we like a look. So T & A and I went round and lo and behold there are six gorgeous little robins sitting in their nest all fluffy headed with great big eyes waiting for their parents to bring back some snacks. I’ve never seen chicks in a nest first hand before so this was amazing! T & A were pretty amazed too.

It certainly explains the visitor we’ve had in our garden for the last 2-3 weeks. My great gran was very superstitious and quite a few of her “old wives tales” have made it through the generations and in spite of my usual matter of fact approach to things some of them are hard to shake off. One such nugget was her hatred of seeing a robin in the garden any time other than December. She apparently always said that they were a sign of an imminent illness. Cheerful eh? So it was quite a nice thing to see the beautiful little chicks – the opposite of my great gran’s harbingers of doom – sitting in their nest.

On another note, and not necessarily a happy moment, I spoke to my Nan on the phone earlier this evening. She’d been whipped off to hospital this morning as she was feeling unwell and thought she was possibly having a reaction to some tablets she’s taking.

She never ceases to amaze me by how stoic she is about almost everything she comes up against. She was 93 in
January and still lives alone in a 3rd floor flat in north London. She has an alarm on a lanyard that she can use if she needs medical assistance, which she did this morning. My aunt was called by her neighbour and she took her off to the hospital.

Nan said how wonderful the staff were and how quickly she was seen. That was great to hear and I was relieved that she didn’t have to stay in overnight. She made me laugh when she said that on checking her urine sample the doctor was concerned that it was a pinkish colour. “Beetroot” my nan told them. They weren’t convinced and ran some tests. She was right (note to self not to panic if have pink wee after eating beetroot!) . I guess 93 years experience can sometimes trump a medical degree.

I’ve decided that some of the old stories and superstitions should be written down somewhere. My mum knows many of them but my nan has a whole arsenal of weather related sayings, superstitions, and general mumbo jumbo that I really think I should get them written down so that they can be preserved. Even if just for the laughs.



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