Day 37

Good start to the day having a catch up with my friend Steve who I haven’t seen properly for nearly a year. I’ve been friends with Steve for quite a few years, and more so in the last couple as he became self employed and therefore free for coffees during the day, like me! But when his lovely wife took redundancy followed by a self-imposed year out from work I started seeing her for coffee instead! She’s now back in the world of the full time worker so temporarily-shelved Steve is now my coffee pal again. It was great to catch up and hear how Anna-Marie is getting on (I still see her at book club although it’s not the same as regular one-to-one meet ups) and all his news.

I’m now sitting at the bottom of the garden (i.e. A few feet from the house!) having a lovely cup of coffee and reading my kindle (after I’ve posted this…). The sun is shining and children are laughing in the garden behind ours. Very lovely, happy moment.



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