Day 42 – six weeks….

Wow six weeks already.

Am still loving this challenge and really appreciate what it’s forced me to do. I’ve realised that so many days have passed me by without me really taking the time to see the joy. Not every day has been a joy since I started this but I’ve still managed to find some small thing to be happy about on those days. Brilliant.

I’m also really liking this blogging lark. I know it’s not v interesting but it’s really cathartic to write a little bit each day about what’s been going on. I never got on with diaries in the past and I suspect it’s because my writing is so appalling when I try to write quickly! So this is a great alternative and I fully intend to carry on after the 100 days.

So a lazy sunny Sunday today. G & G came to see us this morning and then a little BBQ for lunch. The painful process of getting A to do her homework sucked the joy out of the best part of the afternoon. But we’re now showered and ready for bed but not before a snuggle up with a good book.

We’re currently reading The Scarecrow and His Servant by Phillip Pullman and she loves it. It’s a funny story with some good moral tales in, which sometimes go over her head, but she’s totally absorbed in it and that makes me very happy. I get so much out of reading and she’s got the bug too.

After bedtime

Bless her. Despite her total nightmare-ness when it comes to homework, she’s a thoughtful soul at times. I have a favourite poem from my childhood and by pure coincidence she was given a book of poems a few years ago which has my one in. As a sort of unspoken apology she appeared in my room with her poem book so we could read Wynken, Blynken and Nod. Love it.


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