Day 46

A slightly double edged happy moment today.

T came in from school feeling – in his own words – a bit rough. He’d had year 7 inter-house sports day today and too much sun had left him with a headache and a bit nauseous. (He always panics a bit when he feels nauseous after his racing heart episodes last time he had a stomach bug.) He had some water and some paracetamol and I suggested a lie down on his bed with the fan on to cool him down, which was met with no resistance whatsoever. Gave him a hug and sat with him for a bit while he cooled down. Told him to give me a shout if he needed me and that I would leave him in peace. “No, stay! I like you being here – it’s nice”. So another long hug and it was like he was very little all over again.

I know he’s only (nearly 12) but he’s been so grown up since starting “big school” that it was a real surprise and a very happy thing to have him need me and want me to mummy him. I wonder how much longer it will be before he’s all “oh get off mum!” Or maybe that day will never come and there’ll always be time for a quick hug. I hope so.


P.S he’s feeling much better now and just has a slightly red face to show for it. Not sure I approve of the no hat policy that seems to be in force at the school though – not very sensible.


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