Monthly Archives: July 2014

Day 81

My weekend starts now! Happy moment of the day – logging off and opening a bottle of vino!


And now watching Got To Dance with my girl – such a great programme which we both love. Hoping to get tickets to see it being recorded later in the year.

Looking forward to finishing my book later. Bit worried what I’m going to do when it’s finished though…..



Day 80

A testing day today.

A cat came into the garden and decided to play with T’s football net and subsequently got itself caught up and went a bit crazy. I tried to free it but it just went even more frantic so it had to call for help – I’m not an animal person! – but thankfully by the time my neighbour arrived the cat had freed itself and disappeared. I’d had awful visions of a strangled cat on the lawn. How to identify it’s owner and even worse how to explain it’s demise?! Thankfully it didn’t come to that!

Later on we popped to St Albans to try and get T some shorts for our holiday and some other household bits and bobs. No shorts – because of course summer is over and we all want autumn/winter clothes!

Rest of the shopping done we headed back to the car park. Ticket into the machine and put the requested £1.20 in for it to just be rejected. Machine broken. Join queue for other machine (now about ten people long) and wait. And wait. My turn finally, put in ticket and now it wants £2.60!!!! What?!?!?! Ah ok I’ve been stood in the queue so long it’s gone into the next time bracket and price band. So rather than try and get help from the buzzer and cause an even bigger queue I paid the fee and off we went to the customer services desk. I use the term services loosely here as there really was no service. After a 15 minute wait I was told that there was nothing they could do as I had paid it. If I’d pressed the button and caused mayhem they would have wavered the charge. But no they couldn’t refund me the additional £1.40. So cross! And the final straw was the exit machine refused to give me my ticket back despite pressing the “return ticket” button! Aarghhhhh. I am still going to complain but that just about finished me off!

We came back and had a visit round to the helpful neighbour from earlier and her little one for a cuppa and chat.

Discovered later that the flowers I bought (a bunch for her and a bunch for me) were undercharged and mine were consequently free. Kind of makes up for the parking but not really! They look lovely in my gorgeous owl vase and smell all the sweeter for their price!

On another note, T is doing so well with his brace. He’s still getting pain/aches but is soldiering on and has eaten more “normal” food today albeit in very small bites which he’s putting into his cheek to chew rather than using his front teeth! Not a habit I want him to continue for long so suggested trying eating a banana normally. Hallelujah – he’s getting more used to the idea that they won’t snap off just because he’s bitten into something (soft food obviously but it’s a great start). So proud of him.

Right, bed and book time. Loving my new book even more today than last night. And have just heard that a sequel is in the pipeline so that’s happy news!


Day 79

Lots of happy moments today: a quick cup of tea with Mrs F; a lovely chat (finally!) with Miss T; a cuppa and pastry with G&G after they brought the kids back from an afternoon out; and all followed by a fab meal out with my old friend L. Had to drive home with the button on my trousers undone! Oops. Maybe I’ll be having a fasting day tomorrow!

Off to bed now with my kindle. Started a brilliant book last night after an aborted start with a thriller. I’ve decided I’m now officially a wimp and can no longer read anything gruesome. I used to love a good Patricia Cornwell chopping up bodies thriller. But now I just can’t seem to stomach anything remotely unpleasant. So I went against my usual rule of never giving up on a book, and started something else instead. (Good job the reject was a freebie!)

The new book is witty, intelligent, moving and thought provoking but mainly just very entertaining. I’m only a quarter in and it’s going to be one of my favourite this year – and I’ve read some good books so far this year. Happy happy days!!


Day 78

Not so much a happy moment or day but a relieved day.

T had his braces fitted today on his top teeth. We were expecting lots of discomfort and for it to take ages. But it was a relatively quick process and he came out of the room very smily and relatively happy. Blue braces and no annoying elastic bands to contend with.

We knew food would be an issue as he’d already had a long chat with my niece L at the weekend and she’d given him the lowdown – “no coloured food for the first day” and “no sticky foods or hard to bite through stuff forever!” (Seeing the way my brother and the rest of the family tucked into the rocky road bites that I had taken to the picnic I can see that some foods can become like the holy grail. They have abstained as much as possible along with L to stop her feeling too left out. I wonder if we can do the same!)

Anyway, he’s had a bowl of chicken soup and a yogurt. Painkillers ready for bedtime and fingers crossed that he’s pain free as much as possible tonight.

Very relieved that it has been ok so far and that the process itself was straightforward. He’s a sensible kid and knows it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Now I’m ready to settle down for a story with A and an early night in my nice freshly laundered sheets and a new book.


Day 77

Wow – eleven weeks of writing this blog. I’m still finding it really enjoyable and useful to sit and reflect on my day and I’m still finding myself being more aware of moments during the day.

A busy day today with lots to get done – housework seems to have taken a big back seat in my list of priorities. I’m still a neat freak and the important things are clean (i.e. the loo and the worktops) but I’m no way near so worried about dust! Maybe when we’re spending more time indoors I’ll be more conscious of it – we’re currently eating outside for every meal and only coming in in the evenings – but I do think that there’s been a definite change in my perception of what’s important.

So, after going to the shops to get A some summer clothes and T some new trainers – size 8!!!! – we popped to see G&G and then got back to have a bit of a clean round. K hoovered while I cracked on with the kitchen and dusting. Then it was the big job of tackling A’s bedroom. Oh my goodness she’s sooooooo messy! It looks beautiful now but it won’t last!

A lovely roast dinner (we were in dire need of veg that’s not salad) and a movie night rounded the day off nicely. Big day tomorrow so it was good to have a busy day to take T’s mind off the impending braces. His last glass of lemonade at dinner time, his last fruit string (don’t ask!) for a snack, and we think probably his last ice cream (too cold?) for a while.

He seems ok about the prospect of the braces but time will tell how he gets on. Watch this space.


Day 76

Posting early tonight as very tired (noisy people nearby last night making lots of noise in the small hours!) and can’t guarantee I will be awake at my usual time.

A lovely day today spent with my brother P and his wife and 3 children. We went to Wendover Woods (P hasn’t been before – at least not as an adult!) and had a walk through the forest for about an hour in the cool. The 5 kids were quite happy walking on ahead and exploring. The map wasn’t great though (I wasn’t in charge this time) and we ended up doubling back on ourselves, but just in time for a picnic lunch. Result!

Lots of lovely food and lively chat and then they were off again into the nearby woods to make a den. I have to say how totally impressed I am that we only had one very minor amount of complaining and only one small injury (a nettle sting). They got on really well and no one was left out. Brilliant. Us grown ups (I use that term very loosely) had a good chat and it was all very relaxed.

K and the children have just finished watching another (more up to date) Bond film before we have some tea. No ones very hungry after our picnic so something light is in order. Suits the cook just fine!




Day 75

Fab walk and relaxing picnic with G&G today. Saw a beautiful buddliea bush full of butterflies – just lovely. Also spotted the church in Ivinghoe that our marathon 13 mile walk had taken us past a few weeks ago! Really brought home exactly how far we had walked – very impressed! Grandma treated us all to a yummy Mr Whippy ice cream – you can’t go to Ashridge in the summer and not have ice cream. (Unless you’re so late back from your walk that the ice cream van has gone home and the car park is empty!) And I bought another log slab to put A’s pebble face on.

Nice evening – K home in good time – played T at swingball (I won!) and then started watching the first Bond film. The idea being that we would watch them all in order. Didn’t have time to finish it though and the general consensus was that we should start watching beginning with the slightly more recent ones. Or at least ones from the last 3 decades!

I think the lack of action and the very obvious “not-green screen” shots were not selling it. Loved the outrage that Mr Bond kissed several ladies even though he’d only just met them. This was followed by A saying “I mean, you didn’t kiss daddy the first time you met him did you mummy?”. “Err, I did actually, but I knew I was going to marry him so it was allowed”! Awww.