Day 50

Was too tired to write last night.

So, T went off on his school trip yesterday morning. It feels so strange without him here. He’s really good company to have around and I am going to really miss him!

A came home from school at lunchtime as the tummy ache she’d woken up with hadn’t gone. I’d put it down to being a bit anxious about T going away (my own stomach was in knots). It seemed to improve during the afternoon and evening but at 4am it was back. She’s not awake yet so don’t know how she’ll feel when she wakes up.

I had a lovely evening with my friend who I have known since T was a toddler. We met at a toddler group and I was so relieved when she spoke to me. I didn’t go out with T much when he was little but I’d forced myself to venture out to a group that an acquaintance had suggested (that her childminder took her son to). Anne had been once before and was feeling just as out on a limb as I was and we were both grateful for a friendly face amongst the sea of people that all seemed to know each other.

We started meeting regularly and saw each other through our subsequent pregnancies (mine with A and her with her twins). She’s been a great friend and advisor (she used to be a nanny) and now we only see each other infrequently but it’s so lovely when we do. The children all still get on well when we get them together (once or twice a year) and T and H (Anne’s oldest daughter) have a very easy friendship, which I hope will continue as they get older.

It was lovely to hear all her news and some funny stories about the children. She’s a great friend who I hope to still be in touch with for a very long time.



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