Day 52

Still missing my boy terribly.

But happy to see A having fun with her friend here after school for tea. They get along really well and N is a really polite, lovely girl who seems at home here.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never really embraced the whole play date thing and don’t really enjoy having others peoples children round. Not because I don’t like other peoples children (well there are some I’m not a big fan of) or that I’m afraid they’ll break something; it’s more that I worry they’ll be bored or not like what I’ve cooked or that they’ll ask to do painting or something!! (Aaa agh!) I always build it up to be a bit of a nightmare and a chore but lately I’ve realised that it can actually be a pleasant experience.

Maybe it’s because the children are getting older and not needing so much (if any) real supervision. A and N played quite happily doing what girls do and I barely saw them apart from at tea time, which went well. (My cooking can be a bit hit and miss). Or maybe it’s because the children and I have worked out over the years who it works well with to have for tea/sleepovers. There’s definitely been a few instances of “well, don’t think about asking THEM round again!” and when parents say “oh, he/she eats absolutely anything” it normally means they end up being the fussiest child you’ve ever met and they go home starving! It’s no wonder I’ve been a reluctant hostess.

There’s been the child who’s mum admitted was fussy but would definitely eat pizza. So to be safe I got them to make their own. He didn’t want tomato sauce on the base – ok…; he really wasn’t keen on ham or mushrooms – ok…., and definitely didn’t want too much cheese. So just a pizza base with a sprinkling of cheese then. Er, ok. And then he only ate a few mouthfuls and said he didn’t like it. Oh dear.

And the child who didn’t want any cake – fair enough not everyone likes cake (really?) – so offered a biscuit. Chose a jammy dodger. Found her standing over the bin scraping the creamy bit off the biscuit because it tasted funny. Oh dear.

And (this is when they were much younger) the little friend who was packed up with lots of spare pairs of pants because she “wasn’t quite there yet” with the potty training! Not quite there yet? Nowhere even bloody close. Three accidents later (on new carpet) I was not a happy bunny.

The classic one though would have to be the (now ex) friend that used to “dump and run” at short notice but who was ever so well-to-do, and whose delightful child stood looking out of my back door and said “you’ve got a TINY garden – ours is HUGE.” Well, you’re very lucky aren’t you! Oh my word.

I could go on, but I won’t. Those days are (hopefully) behind us. Although we are yet to encounter any new Harpenden friends that T has made. Judging by some of the invites he’s been getting it could get interesting. But that’s a story for another day.



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