Day 53

He’s coming home tomorrow!!!! That is the only happy thought that there is space for today. I cannot wait!

I have found this week so difficult. He’s been away before; for cub/scout camps and year 6 school trip. But this feels different somehow. We’ve not had any contact whatsoever and I totally agree that they shouldn’t take phones with them, but junior school had a twitter account that they posted regular updates on to tell us anxious parents how they were doing. And I knew all the kids he was away with. And there were only 30 of them. This time there’s just a phone number to ring to see if they’ve arrived (I would like to think we would have been contacted directly if they hadn’t arrived safely!) and to check what time they’re due back tomorrow. Other than that it’s been total radio silence as it were. Awful!

Mum said yesterday that this was just a glimpse of how she felt when my brother and I left home. What a nightmare. I’ll be beside myself. I literally feel like there’s a hole in my body. I know they missed me when I eventually left (what’s not to miss) and I know it was weird when my brother left as I was still there then and felt the gap that he left almost as much as they did. But I get it now – empty nest syndrome.

I think K and I will just have to ensure that we have planned our retirements so well that we can also leave home and go travelling or something. Winning the lottery might help!

Anyway he’ll be back tomorrow and all will be right in my world again. That’s a happy happy thought.



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