Day 54

He’s home!!!!!! What a wait. Due back about 4pm. Checked recorded message at 3pm – running late so due back between 4.30pm and 5pm. Got there at 5pm to hear that they were delayed an hour. Sat in the car until 5.55pm (with the added bonus of a complete dimwit ramming the car whilst we were parked up – not much damage done, just some paintwork scratched) and then we saw the first coach coming up the road. Walked down to meet it – T wasn’t on it. Next two coaches arrived 5 minutes later – no T!!! Torture. All the children got their luggage and off they went. And still I waited. And waited. And then – finally – the fourth coach appeared and they started to walk off – and then there he was!!!! Yippee. I kept my cool and didn’t embarrass him but he came straight over and gave me a quick hug whilst muttering “can you take these please! I need a wee!” whilst shoving his cap and iPod into my hands. And off he ran! No!!!! Come back! Bless him – they’d been on the coach 5 hours with no break. So I forgive him. At least I got a hug first.

He’s had a fantastic week. He looks well and a bit taller. He’s talked about it non-stop with no need for interrogation. He’s made us laugh with stories of wedgies from harnesses whilst doing the trapeze; he’s got on really well with the dreaded science teacher that he was in a group with; and he’s had a great time with new friends and old ones. I’m sure he’ll remember this trip for many many years to come. So it was worth my 5 days of suffering! Along with his sister he is the light of my life and I’m soooo happy to have him home.



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