Day 56

Eight weeks of the challenge and I’m really in the swing of it now. It’s a special part of my day, as I get to think about what’s happened and some days it’s a case of “oh bloody hell what on earth am I going to put?!” and others it’s a no-brainer (as they say these days). No-one questions any more when I say “sorry I’m just writing my blog”. No one (in the family) has asked to see it which I’m pleased about as they’d all get big heads and think that they are special (which obviously they are and are told frequently but you know what I mean!).

Today we have been visiting the outlaws in Birmingham. I’m never hugely enthused about these trips and of late K has taken the children when I’ve been otherwise occupied (half term hols whilst I’m working, or the odd Saturday if I’m visiting my lovely Karen). But I’ve not seen them since Christmas so felt that some effort was due on my part. Normally when we get onto the M6 the weather turns and it starts raining. I’ve rather unkindly in the past joked that K’s mum must be looking out the window and scared the sun away. Not nice. But today was lovely sunshine all the way and it stayed all day. This meant we were able to spend the time we were there outside in the garden rather than indoors which can be very oppressive. We had a very pleasant time – they were interested in the children and chatted to them quite a bit and had a nice “buffet” lunch.

So to my surprise, my happy moment was all of today really. No one could be more surprised than I am.



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