Day 57

Oh happy day. Such great news today.

It’s been a very tough year for A this year. Her class had a newly qualified teacher at the start of the school year and behaviour in the class went very downhill very quickly. The teacher left earlier this year after a few months of increasingly worrying stories of incidents in the class. To say that it’s been difficult for the school to remedy the situation is an understatement. A has had some horrible days with other children being unkind and struggling to get on in lessons due to the ongoing disruptions. The supply teacher that they have had since the departure of their original teacher has done the best she can but it’s been a bit of a wasted year.

We’ve been on tenterhooks for the last few months, speculating over which teacher they will be assigned next school year in September. There were a few options that worried me greatly and I was foreseeing many meetings with the powers that be, should my concerns be justified. However, today we have had a letter in email form advising of staffing arrangements for the new school year and joy of joys A will be having the one teacher that I had pinned all my hopes on. T had the pleasure of this particular teachers expertise for 2 years running and he progressed so much during that time that she is held very high in my esteem. I am so relieved that A will be having her. It really is very, very good news.



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