Day 60

Chuffed to bits with myself today. My working life is not a challenge. It’s a very easy, very stress-less job which I can come and go as I please with. And that’s great. But it’s not very interesting, in fact it’s often pretty mundane. Today, however I have been doing something completely different and have really had to use my brain (I’ve been creating a German version of the website, that won’t land my boss in jail – the Germans are a litigious bunch who just love to spot someone breaking the rules albeit a very minor and unintentional rule breaking) and I’ve been doing stuff I’ve never done before. It’s been tricky and frustrating and I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s so good to know my old grey matter is still up to a bit of a challenge.

Another happy thing was to hear what a brilliant day A has had today. She’s spent the day with her new class teacher who she will be with in September. Mrs K is a brilliant teacher (T had her two years running) and I couldn’t be more pleased and happy for A. Hopefully this is a sign of how things will be in the new school year.



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