Day 61

Where to start?

Laughing at the hospital when the nurse asked Mrs F “have you had a drink?”. She meant water but when you’re a bit nervous the mind does funny things.

Singing along to Wham! “I’m your man” in the car whilst driving to our lovely friends house.

Arriving at said friends house and shouting “we’re here!!”.

And so the weekend began.

A few glasses of fizz, some yummy belated birthday cake, presents, and then pizzas with woo-hoo’s. How could I not be happy?!

To spend a whole weekend chatting and laughing and relaxing with Mrs F and Miss T is, in my mind, to be in heaven.

Yes, I’ll miss the children and Kev but I know they’re having fun and happy so I’m trying to be guilt free. We’ve Face-Timed so we’ve had a catch up and says good night. Just perfect.



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