Day 68

I know it’s early. In fact, I think this is the earliest that I have posted anything for ages. But I’m feeling so chuffed right now that it couldn’t wait. (Also, my negative side is certain that something will come along to spoil it, so I’m getting in there before I lose the feeling. Hopefully I won’t. See? I am trying to be positive!)

I went along to A’s assembly this morning, more by chance than design and I was sure it would be the usual round of reading and attendance certificates. It did have those, but they also announced a member from each year group who were being given the Citizenship Award. To my absolute joy, A’s name was called out for year 4. Such a wonderful award to get and, for me, means so much more than best at times tables or best at swimming. She’s a caring, thoughtful girl who really looks out for others (even when said “others” can be incredibly unkind). The certificate says it all. So very proud and happy for her.

To follow that, T came home with a rather ambiguous brown envelope addressed to K and I. “Oh dear!” I jested. “What have you done?” Ha ha! Inside, a lovely letter from the deputy headmaster telling us that they would like to acknowledge the effort and commitment that T showed during a “learning and team building” day they held at school recently. I quote “if T continues on his current trajectory we are certain he will evolve to be the Roundwood leaver we aspire for him to be”. Wow. Two fat fingers up to the silly woman who stood on my doorstep 2 days ago telling me my son was not a nice boy.

So proud of both my children. They’re not perfect. They’re not always lovely. But they’re decent, thoughtful, hardworking kids. I can’t ask for more.





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