Day 69

A day to myself today. K and T went off to their “supercar day” with T’s friend as a birthday treat and A is at brownie camp (not camping – bunk beds and proper toilets) so I’ve been home alone.

And what did I do with my time I hear you cry?

Well, I went to the local cash and carry with my friend to buy food for her husbands 40th party this evening – good fun; I came home and baked a loaf of bread in my new breadmaker (collected en route to the cash and carry) – fab; I watched a brilliant film (About Time -highly recommended) – made me laugh and cry on equal measures – top film; I ate some pastries from the cash and carry – yummy!; I read some of a new book from book club – good so far; and then K and T got home and I looked at the 150 photos that T had taken of cars -he had a fab time which made me smile; and then I went to the 40th party and had a lovely time.

Not a bad day!

Felt a bit weird being alone (oh, I did answer some work emails) without work to do but by about 5pm I’d kind of got used to it! Not really.

Looking forward to the four of us having a trip to London tomorrow. That’ll be more my sort of day.




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