Day 70 – 10 weeks

What a brilliant day!

The Beddoe four on a trip to London, first to the Bond in Motion exhibition for T’s birthday treat. A brilliant exhibition with some fantastic cars – although both T and K absolutely gutted to see a hundred thousand pound car totally smashed up in the name of entertainment. I was very disappointed that the delectable Mr Craig wasn’t there to personally show us (ME!) round but you can’t have it all đŸ˜‰

Then after a yummy lunch in a nice Italian place in Covent Garden off we set to find some book benches.

The #booksabouttown trail that we did was brilliant. We only went to four as time was ticking on (and after a couple of late nights at brownie camp – more on that later – someone was very tired) but the four we saw were amazing. Peter Pan first with the wonderful words “always try to be a little kinder than necessary”.



The next stop was the James Bond books, which we had to ask a totally oblivious man if he would mind moving (along with his backpack and coffee cup) so we could take a pic. He almost seemed confused about why we wanted to take a photo!


Third on the list and very close by was the one for me (how selfish!) – my second favourite classic book Pride and Prejudice. I squeezed in between Lizzie and Jane for a quick photo op.


Our final destination (we saved the best until last) was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I was totally blown away by this one. The others were brilliant but this one was a true work of art. I could quite happily have brought it home (slightly tricky logistically) and put it in the garden. I would never want to stop looking at it. Mr Tumnuss and Lucy walking hand in hand into the forest and the stunning winter scenery. Just breathtaking. But wait! Look at the back. Aslan’s beautiful face staring out in all his glory. I nearly had tears in my eyes. It’s such a moving story, that I only discovered since having the children (I never read the books as a child), and the ending of the book (and the film with Liam Neeson’s dulcet tones as Aslan) never fails to make me cry. This bench was by far and away my favourite.



We rounded the trip off with a quick refreshment stop at Starbucks (frapuccinos for T & A) then off to the tube to get the train home.



A lovely cuppa and a piece of birthday cake with my brother (also birthday boy today) and his family and Grandma and Grandad just finished the day off perfectly.

Just to go back to brownie camp as mentioned earlier. We picked A up early so as to make the most of our day. While waiting for her to finish her washing up I had the pleasure to hear the leader announcing the winner of “brownie of the weekend” – yes you guessed it – A!! She has apparently been very kind and thoughtful to some of the younger girls and had been full of enthusiasm all weekend and volunteering to help whenever help was needed. Very proud mummy.


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