Day 72

Second day of the holidays and it’s been ok!

Am trying to be flexible and not spend all day at my desk on work days, so am starting early, doing something with T & A in the afternoons and then catching up on emails after tea. It’s been ok so far. T & A know that’s how it’s going to work and seem to be on board. They amused themselves this morning (slight moment of winding each other up but they’re getting used to being around each other 24/7 so it’s only to be expected) and then we went off to Grandma’s for lunch and then fruit picking at the local fruit farm. Good fun had by all – and a lovely crop of berries for pudding.

We bought T a darts board for his birthday so after dinner we had a quick game. He beat me by 60 points. I’m clearly a bit rusty still and he had beginners luck 😉. A did well as scorer and the idea that it might help with their mental maths is already proving itself right. Maybe mine will improve too!



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