Day 73

Quick update tonight. T was able to catch up with a couple of friends this morning, and they came here to play darts (!) and football in the garden. It’s nice to watch them interacting and the friendly banter between them. They’ve known each other since they were all at play group together so it’s all very easygoing. They stopped for a bit of lunch and then I sent them off home (in the nicest way) as we were going out.

T and A and I went to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the cinema for our afternoon time together. It was a great film and the children really enjoyed it. They appreciate that we can’t do things like that every day so they make the most of it.

Just had my evening coffee watching K, T and A playing their version of football in the garden. The new nets T got for his birthday seem to have been a good idea. It’s great to see them all laughing. (Until a mishap spoils things and then game over! I think I speak too soon sometimes!)



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