Day 75

Fab walk and relaxing picnic with G&G today. Saw a beautiful buddliea bush full of butterflies – just lovely. Also spotted the church in Ivinghoe that our marathon 13 mile walk had taken us past a few weeks ago! Really brought home exactly how far we had walked – very impressed! Grandma treated us all to a yummy Mr Whippy ice cream – you can’t go to Ashridge in the summer and not have ice cream. (Unless you’re so late back from your walk that the ice cream van has gone home and the car park is empty!) And I bought another log slab to put A’s pebble face on.

Nice evening – K home in good time – played T at swingball (I won!) and then started watching the first Bond film. The idea being that we would watch them all in order. Didn’t have time to finish it though and the general consensus was that we should start watching beginning with the slightly more recent ones. Or at least ones from the last 3 decades!

I think the lack of action and the very obvious “not-green screen” shots were not selling it. Loved the outrage that Mr Bond kissed several ladies even though he’d only just met them. This was followed by A saying “I mean, you didn’t kiss daddy the first time you met him did you mummy?”. “Err, I did actually, but I knew I was going to marry him so it was allowed”! Awww.



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