Day 76

Posting early tonight as very tired (noisy people nearby last night making lots of noise in the small hours!) and can’t guarantee I will be awake at my usual time.

A lovely day today spent with my brother P and his wife and 3 children. We went to Wendover Woods (P hasn’t been before – at least not as an adult!) and had a walk through the forest for about an hour in the cool. The 5 kids were quite happy walking on ahead and exploring. The map wasn’t great though (I wasn’t in charge this time) and we ended up doubling back on ourselves, but just in time for a picnic lunch. Result!

Lots of lovely food and lively chat and then they were off again into the nearby woods to make a den. I have to say how totally impressed I am that we only had one very minor amount of complaining and only one small injury (a nettle sting). They got on really well and no one was left out. Brilliant. Us grown ups (I use that term very loosely) had a good chat and it was all very relaxed.

K and the children have just finished watching another (more up to date) Bond film before we have some tea. No ones very hungry after our picnic so something light is in order. Suits the cook just fine!





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