Day 77

Wow – eleven weeks of writing this blog. I’m still finding it really enjoyable and useful to sit and reflect on my day and I’m still finding myself being more aware of moments during the day.

A busy day today with lots to get done – housework seems to have taken a big back seat in my list of priorities. I’m still a neat freak and the important things are clean (i.e. the loo and the worktops) but I’m no way near so worried about dust! Maybe when we’re spending more time indoors I’ll be more conscious of it – we’re currently eating outside for every meal and only coming in in the evenings – but I do think that there’s been a definite change in my perception of what’s important.

So, after going to the shops to get A some summer clothes and T some new trainers – size 8!!!! – we popped to see G&G and then got back to have a bit of a clean round. K hoovered while I cracked on with the kitchen and dusting. Then it was the big job of tackling A’s bedroom. Oh my goodness she’s sooooooo messy! It looks beautiful now but it won’t last!

A lovely roast dinner (we were in dire need of veg that’s not salad) and a movie night rounded the day off nicely. Big day tomorrow so it was good to have a busy day to take T’s mind off the impending braces. His last glass of lemonade at dinner time, his last fruit string (don’t ask!) for a snack, and we think probably his last ice cream (too cold?) for a while.

He seems ok about the prospect of the braces but time will tell how he gets on. Watch this space.



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