Day 78

Not so much a happy moment or day but a relieved day.

T had his braces fitted today on his top teeth. We were expecting lots of discomfort and for it to take ages. But it was a relatively quick process and he came out of the room very smily and relatively happy. Blue braces and no annoying elastic bands to contend with.

We knew food would be an issue as he’d already had a long chat with my niece L at the weekend and she’d given him the lowdown – “no coloured food for the first day” and “no sticky foods or hard to bite through stuff forever!” (Seeing the way my brother and the rest of the family tucked into the rocky road bites that I had taken to the picnic I can see that some foods can become like the holy grail. They have abstained as much as possible along with L to stop her feeling too left out. I wonder if we can do the same!)

Anyway, he’s had a bowl of chicken soup and a yogurt. Painkillers ready for bedtime and fingers crossed that he’s pain free as much as possible tonight.

Very relieved that it has been ok so far and that the process itself was straightforward. He’s a sensible kid and knows it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Now I’m ready to settle down for a story with A and an early night in my nice freshly laundered sheets and a new book.


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