Day 79

Lots of happy moments today: a quick cup of tea with Mrs F; a lovely chat (finally!) with Miss T; a cuppa and pastry with G&G after they brought the kids back from an afternoon out; and all followed by a fab meal out with my old friend L. Had to drive home with the button on my trousers undone! Oops. Maybe I’ll be having a fasting day tomorrow!

Off to bed now with my kindle. Started a brilliant book last night after an aborted start with a thriller. I’ve decided I’m now officially a wimp and can no longer read anything gruesome. I used to love a good Patricia Cornwell chopping up bodies thriller. But now I just can’t seem to stomach anything remotely unpleasant. So I went against my usual rule of never giving up on a book, and started something else instead. (Good job the reject was a freebie!)

The new book is witty, intelligent, moving and thought provoking but mainly just very entertaining. I’m only a quarter in and it’s going to be one of my favourite this year – and I’ve read some good books so far this year. Happy happy days!!



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