Day 80

A testing day today.

A cat came into the garden and decided to play with T’s football net and subsequently got itself caught up and went a bit crazy. I tried to free it but it just went even more frantic so it had to call for help – I’m not an animal person! – but thankfully by the time my neighbour arrived the cat had freed itself and disappeared. I’d had awful visions of a strangled cat on the lawn. How to identify it’s owner and even worse how to explain it’s demise?! Thankfully it didn’t come to that!

Later on we popped to St Albans to try and get T some shorts for our holiday and some other household bits and bobs. No shorts – because of course summer is over and we all want autumn/winter clothes!

Rest of the shopping done we headed back to the car park. Ticket into the machine and put the requested £1.20 in for it to just be rejected. Machine broken. Join queue for other machine (now about ten people long) and wait. And wait. My turn finally, put in ticket and now it wants £2.60!!!! What?!?!?! Ah ok I’ve been stood in the queue so long it’s gone into the next time bracket and price band. So rather than try and get help from the buzzer and cause an even bigger queue I paid the fee and off we went to the customer services desk. I use the term services loosely here as there really was no service. After a 15 minute wait I was told that there was nothing they could do as I had paid it. If I’d pressed the button and caused mayhem they would have wavered the charge. But no they couldn’t refund me the additional £1.40. So cross! And the final straw was the exit machine refused to give me my ticket back despite pressing the “return ticket” button! Aarghhhhh. I am still going to complain but that just about finished me off!

We came back and had a visit round to the helpful neighbour from earlier and her little one for a cuppa and chat.

Discovered later that the flowers I bought (a bunch for her and a bunch for me) were undercharged and mine were consequently free. Kind of makes up for the parking but not really! They look lovely in my gorgeous owl vase and smell all the sweeter for their price!

On another note, T is doing so well with his brace. He’s still getting pain/aches but is soldiering on and has eaten more “normal” food today albeit in very small bites which he’s putting into his cheek to chew rather than using his front teeth! Not a habit I want him to continue for long so suggested trying eating a banana normally. Hallelujah – he’s getting more used to the idea that they won’t snap off just because he’s bitten into something (soft food obviously but it’s a great start). So proud of him.

Right, bed and book time. Loving my new book even more today than last night. And have just heard that a sequel is in the pipeline so that’s happy news!


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