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Let’s go fly a kite!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was a bit of a non-entity, I did have a happy day but not for any real reason.

Today however has been pretty good! After a lovely lie in (well for the other 3 as I don’t really do lie-ins) we had a lazy morning before a scrummy roast Sunday lunch – which I even had help making!

Then this afternoon we met up with my brother P and his crew. We decided to meet up at the Downs for some fresh air and after the success of our geocaching at Dunwich thought we could give it another go and see what the others all thought of it. Great plan until we realised that the GPS we were supplied with didn’t work quite the same way as the one at Dunwich. After much faffing around we resorted to just a walk into the woods where there’s some fab climbing to do and dens to build.

While the kids were busy P tried to get the GPS working and I pulled the app up on my phone. Between us we managed to locate a cache and then got the kids to try and find it. They were v excited and thought it was quite cool so we decided to find another one. Success! Until the youngest member of the tribe wanted to do a swap with a helicopter in the cache but without having anything to swap with! A few tears but soon over so off we went to fly our kites. When I say kites I actually mean some flimsy bits of plastic attached to some string! But we got them up and they stayed up a while. We did feel slightly inferior to some of those around us but it was a lot of fun.


After a few too many crash landings it was time to head back to ours for refreshments and to make plans for a certain special persons birthday celebrations! Yippee so excited! Can’t say more as there’s a chance she might read this! 😉

Early nights all round, especially T after his busy days and nights with The Noise. Two more days and then the routine starts again. Just need to sort out the trouser disaster. I bought two packs of two pairs for T only to discover when I came to name them yesterday that one set are Short. Uh oh. If there’s one thing that T isn’t it’s short! Just hope that we can find some Long ones! Oh the joys.


Topsy Turvy

I’ve always got to this stage in the school holidays and feel desperate to get back into the normal routine of day to day life. And this year is no exception. I’ve had a nice day – A and I popped out to the shops to try and get a few last minute back-to-school bits and we had a lovely time mooching round the shops and having a bite to eat.

But nothing feels right.

T has been doing the Noise project for the last 2 days which has meant he’s out of the house all day and part of the evening. And that feels weird. (He’s having a great time getting his hands dirty doing lots of different jobs at people’s homes and at the school.)

We’ve been a bit slack with bedtimes since we got back from our hols and our evenings alone are shorter meaning we’re staying up later – which in turn means I have been watching the Ten O’clock News. Bad idea. It’s so depressing. We’ve been catching up with programmes we’d recorded while we were away and we don’t normally watch so much TV. I’m not reading hardly at all as we’re going to bed later.

Argh. It all needs to stop and get back to normal!

It’s lovely to go away and it’s lovely to have the kids off for the summer….but…..I do thrive on routine and everything being as it should be. I’m not wanting to wish my life away but roll on Wednesday!

Oops, I did it again

Lovely day yesterday. Mrs L came round for her daughter C to have a chat with T about starting secondary school next week. Was v lovely to see her as, again, I normally see her nearly every day and this is the first catch up we’ve had all summer. She arrived with a mahoosive bag full of goodies so we all enjoyed a delish brunch while the chat continued.

We then popped to see G&G in the afternoon as they’re off on their holidays on Friday. Lovely cuppa and Swiss roll! We seemed to chat non-stop (T especially which was rather nice). Grandma wanted to know about connecting to Wi-fi while they’re away as they have the facility at their cottage, so T showed grandad how to connect with his iPad. Hopefully we may be able to FaceTime with them while they’re away – the other way around for a change!

Then later in the evening I had book club – I know it’s not even 3 weeks since the last one but we couldn’t fix a date early enough in September so have had to have an interim one to keep us all going. As usual there was cider and also crisps and my fudge from Southwold to eat. It was another great evening.

BUT……I have woken up this morning feeling like I have a basketball where my stomach should be. I was so pleased on our return from holiday to find that I hadn’t put on any weight. So, typical me, I have just carried on eating naughty things. Forgetting of course that we were cycling, walking, swimming etc. while we were away and now I’m SITTING AT MY DESK!!!!! Okay, I’m not weighing myself because that’s just foolish, but I am starting healthy eating right now. And depending on the weather I am going to get out over the weekend and get some exercise! Will I ever learn?!

And relax….

Back to work today – bah humbug!!! I know I work from home so no early start to miss traffic; no annoying colleagues; I can make myself a cuppa and some food when I feel like it; I can get washing done; I can listen to the radio and even catch up on some TV when things are quiet; BUT it’s still work which gets in the way of fun stuff and that’s rubbish. It’s made all the more rubbish when you’ve had a lovely 2 weeks holiday and the kids are back to amusing themselves and I am back to feeling bad that they aren’t getting the attention they have been. They’re not really bothered. I think they’ve quite enjoyed spending time in their little domains and they’ve even spent time together (wonders never cease).

I think I’m just going to always be one of those people that feels guilty whatever the situation. When I wasn’t working and quite proudly called myself a stay-at-home mum, I felt guilty that we didn’t have the money to give our kids the toys and experiences that other kids had. I worried that I wasn’t a good role model as I didn’t have a job. I worried that I wasn’t contributing and was putting too much pressure on K. I felt guilty for needing time away from the kids.

Now I’m working (albeit from home, and part time) I feel guilty that I can’t spend the same amount of time with them. I feel guilty that I would miss the money and the fact that we can now have holidays. I feel guilty that I get cross when I am interrupted in the middle of a customer query to answer the question of “what time is lunch?” They don’t mind. They understand that we can now afford a holiday once a year. They are old enough to understand that when I’m working I can’t be disturbed too often. They wouldn’t say that this school holiday has been any different to any other. It’s just me.

Today has been rubbish. The weathers been horrible so no-one could go out. The customers have all been cross and grumpy. I’ve had a headache and I’ve had washing to do as well. Rubbish.

But this evening I’ve been out with my mate. I normally see her every day or at least a few times a week, and have missed her!! We’ve had a good natter about our holidays and our families and Strictly (yes I know!). It’s been fab. My headache has gone and I’m feeling like me again.

Tomorrow is another day….

Little worrier

We’ve been to see K’s nan today. As I mentioned on Friday, she’s in hospital after a fall which resulted from a mini stroke.

We explained it to T and A and told them that she’s going to look frail and a bit poorly but that’s she’s being well looked after and is getting better slowly. They took it all in their stride and we set off quite alright.

A was fine until we reached the hospital when she grabbed my hand very tightly and said she was a bit worried. I said that was understandable and that if she was unsure about going in then I would stay outside with her. K’s mum and T had gone in ahead as it takes her a while to get up the stairs due to her arthritis, while we parked the car.

When we arrived at the ward T announced that A wouldn’t be able to go in as she’s under 12. She immediately burst into tears as she wanted to give Nan the card she’d made her. We said if would be fine for her to pop in and she eventually calmed down enough to go in. Nan was sitting in the chair by her bed looking very small and frail. A gave her the card and a hug but was very upset to see her looking poorly. She helped Nan open her cards but then we were told only 2 visitors were allowed in so we went off to the waiting room. A promptly burst into tears again. She was very worried and upset by the whole thing. It’s hard to reassure your child that someone is going to be fine when that person is 94 and recovering from a stroke and I have always tried to be honest with the kids (at an appropriate level) and I can’t tell A that Nan is going to be fine! I explained that she’s feeling better (she’s making progress with her mobility on her left side and is still very much on the ball mentally) and that although she won’t be around forever she’s still with us now and is doing okay. It’s so difficult to explain this to a 9 year old.

We went back in to say goodbye and give more hugs and A perked up a bit. She had a tummy ache at bedtime and said that she will be thinking about someone special all night. Bless her. She’s a very sensitive girl and I think this is going to be something we’ll have to have more chats about.

T was very grown up today helping K’s mum up the stairs at the hospital (he offered to go in with her) and then while we were waiting by the ward. He’s not really said much about it all but this evening he said that before each session at the Noise project (more on this later) the leader asks if there is anyone special that people would like to have mentioned in their prayers, and he would ask for Nan to be included. Good lad – she’d like that.

So, we need to keep our thoughts positive and hope she’s makes a good recovery.

The Noise project is a local initiative run by the baptist church to get young people involved in helping others in the community. It takes place over 3 days and groups of our youngsters go out and do jobs for people such as cutting back hedges, painting fences, or clearing rubbish. T did 2 days last year and loved it so he’s doing the full 3 days this year. He struggled a bit with the prayer side of things last year but he’s matured a lot this year and though he still hates RE (!) he’s not so bothered about it now. It will be interesting to see what jobs he gets to do this year. I’m hoping there will be updates with photos that I can share with you.

Urgh….and ahhhh.

Urgh – we had to go to Hemel this morning. I hate Hemel. It makes me feel grubby and miserable. But we sorted out A’s iPod and we’ve bought new shoes and school stationery. Errands done.

Ahhhh, we went to see G&G and had a lovely chat and planned our weekend away. Very exciting. Nice to have something to look forward to now that the holiday is over. Did I mention that the holiday is over? Bah humbug.

Home again

We are home. And it’s all a bit sad. I’ve never felt like this after a holiday and it’s great that we’ve had such a good time but it’s pants to be fed up! Despite doing lots of washing while we were away I still seem to be surrounded by clothes driers and radiators with washing on. Bah humbug.

However, there was a lovely bunch of flowers from our next door neighbour and in the post was a postcard from Mrs L which made me smile, and also the info for our forthcoming weekend break at Center Parcs!

On a sadder note K’s grandma is in hospital after suffering a stroke. She’s 93 and has lived by herself for about 20 years. She’s doing ok apparently and we’re planning to visit her over the weekend. Hopefully she’ll make a good recovery and it won’t affect her independence too much. I really hope so.

Lots of errands to run tomorrow including the dreaded school shoe shopping. Wish me luck!