Day 82

Such a lovely day out with great friends. We’ve not got together with the kids since last summer (I’ve had dinner with AB in between times) but they all got along straight away and had a lovely time.

T and H have known each other since toddlers and A and K and O since they were born. And they’ve gone from seeing each other almost once a week, to now only once or twice a year. T and H have never seemed to have that awkward stage with each other that boys and girls sometimes have which is brilliant and the other three just get on well (most of the time!)

We went to Knebworth house where there’s a brilliant playground and “fort” for them to run around in. My friend and I were able to sit in the sun and natter while they were off doing their own thing. Lovely.

She’s given me some brilliant tips and places to go when we go to Norfolk next week – they go regularly as her parents have a cottage up there. So I’m now well organised on the things to do front. Just need to start my list of things to pack!

Fun moment of the evening – playing a new board game that A has made and landing on the “do a dare” square. My dare? To do the funky chicken around the lounge. So funny. I’m not very co-ordinated and I definitely can’t bat my wings and poke my head in and out at the same time! A wanted to video me. Errr, no!

A very happy day!



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