Day 83

Aah a lovely day. Celebrating K’s birthday a day early as we’re off out for the day tomorrow visiting his brother and family. Quick trip to the shops to try and get the ever-elusive shorts for T (still no luck) and then back home for a yummy barbecue.

Lovely food scoffed and then present time. I’d asked a while back for some ideas and set up a wish list on Amazon for him to add said ideas to. It’s great because I could then choose things I wanted to get him and he knew he’d get things he likes but without knowing exactly which things he’d actually get.

He’s really pleased with his table fireplace (see below) which burns a bio-ethanol fuel which provides a heat and looks pretty without any smoke. We’re only going to use it in the garden on the patio table but it’s really lovely. He’s even more pleased with his weed puller. Basically a long handled weed grabber! He’s been all round the garden (nearly nothing left of the lawn now) and he’s chuffed to bits! No more kneeling on the grass digging them up with a screwdriver. You know you’re getting old when……

He has redeemed himself by asking for a poker set (we’re talking cards here not fireplaces) and we’ve had mucho fun playing pontoon with chips (with the kids) and it’s coming away with us do we can learn poker! Lots of fun ahead with that one (I’m not a great loser and quite like cheating!).

We didn’t have cake as we won’t be here to eat leftovers so we stuck candles in the cheesecake dessert and sang happy birthday with that instead. He’s had loads of lovely cards and looking forward to a day with his brother tomorrow. His happy day makes my happy day.




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