Day 84

Happy happy day. We went off early to Burton Upon Trent to see K’s brother and family for the day. We did a lovely 7 mile walk through the stunning Derbyshire village of Dovedale alongside a pretty river, with a refreshment stop in Millford at the halfway point. Then back to Dovedale for a picnic lunch by the river. Breathtaking scenery and stepping stones to cross the river. So lovely.

It started to get a bit chilly after our picnic so we went back to M&C’s house for a cup of tea and a good chat. M has been following a juicing diet for the last 12 months and has lost a staggering 6 stones. I’ve never known him to be anything than very overweight and he now looks like a different man. He would never have considered doing a 7 mile walk until now and he was so much happier and energised. Really great to see. He explained about his new regime and has even got his brother thinking about being healthier (maybe K will listen to him because he won’t listen to me!). He made us some juice to try which was delicious. I’m not sold on the idea of this as a long term lifestyle but I can certainly see how it makes sense and it clearly is working for M.

The kids all had a good day. T seemed a little on the fringe as his usual pairing with his youngest cousin A didn’t seem to work out this time. Maybe the age gap (she’s 2 years older) is starting to make a difference and she seemed happy spending time with our A instead. Was sorry not to see our eldest niece C but she was volunteering at a local music festival. One way to get free entry and the chance to see some bands!

A lovely long day with two very tired children on the way home. But worth it.






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