Day 85

So tired today and a working day so not a great way to start the week! But K was off so that helped make things a bit more bearable.

A lazy morning for the other three while I caught up on emails etc. Then lunch in the garden – I think we’ve only eaten one meal indoors in the last four weeks – followed by an afternoon out on the bikes. We decided to give the Alban Way trail a go over in St Albans. It’s a great trail with lovely tarmacced surfaces and lots of shade. It runs all the way to Hatfield from the Cottonmill estate. We did around nine miles and it was lovely.

Quick cuppa with G&G on the way back as we sight see them at the weekend and they had cards for K. Then dinner (yes, in the garden) and some card games before bed.

We are going to turn our lights out at 10pm tonight in memory of the 100 year anniversary of the start of The Great War. I think this is a fitting way to remember and I’m looking forward to sitting by candlelight.



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