Day 89

N.B no signal or wifi at the cottage so postings will be sporadic, but I am still writing every night.

I started the day with a slight cider headache after book club last night. It was another brilliant evening with the ladies. We are all very different but get along so well. And we all think of each other as real friends now.

So we headed off at 9.30am all very excited (me slightly apprehensive) about the prospect of two whole weeks away. The first cottage is an unknown quantity to us so it feels like a magical mystery tour in a way.

We made good time and stopped off for a quick lunch en route – just a crappy takeaway but there was little choice around. We planned to head to Cromer and kill time before going to the cottage but curiosity got the better of us and we decided to have a quick sneak peak. We couldn’t get in until 3pm so we had to be surreptitious – or so we thought. We followed the directions and it got more and more rural and remote, until eventually we arrived at the driveway to Curlew Cottage. Ah ok. There were two buildings – a larger one at the front and a smaller one (our one) behind it. Nothing the matter with that except the larger one was surrounded by metal builders fences and all boarded up at the windows and doors. We decided it had probably been a pub in a previous life. This unnerved me slightly but as we were being secret squirrel we couldn’t investigate further until 3pm

Off to Cromer we went for a well needed cop of tea. And for me to stew on the potential disaster of the holiday accommodation. After the refreshments and a quick mooch we headed back – with some trepidation on my part. I didn’t voice my worries for fear of putting the kids off!

We got back and drive down the driveway – and wow! What a pretty cottage with – bigger wow – so much outdoor space! But still I’m not convinced until I’ve seen inside. Before we could get out of the car a lady appeared walking down the driveway to us – the owner coming to see if we’d had a good journey and to welcome us. They have a static caravan to the side of the house (completely hidden) that they were having a quick cup of tea in before going home to Norwich. She was lovely and wished us a good holiday before going.

So the moment of truth. With T and A hot on my heels we got the key and went inside. So far so good – nice big well equipped kitchen with patio doors leading to one of the outside seating areas. Cosy lounge with wood burner. Fab shower room and loo. Upstairs to two lovely bedrooms and another bathroom. All sloping ceilings (mind your head!!) and beams. Just perfect.

Big big sigh of relief. Even the boarded up place next door doesn’t seem sinister anymore and the kids are thrilled with their room and the outdoors. Beautifully planted and so much lawn (two of them) to run around on. Oh and the Welcome Pack was a hit with the box of chocs and pack of biccies and note telling us to help ourselves to a bottle of wine from the rack. Ok twist my arm. And milk in the fridge. Perfect.

A quick unpacking of the car and cases and then off to find the newly built Waitrose in the next village for provisions. Easy dinner and a sit outside by the pond. Children happy. K relaxed. Me with my cider headache, that was actually an anxious headache, gone. A great start to the holiday and a very happy day.







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