Day 90

Well, not a bad nights sleep considering it was in an unfamiliar house, in an unfamiliar bed. Normally it takes me ages to feel safe somewhere new and I worry about how secure the place is, normally resulting in a very restless few first nights. But for some unknown reason I seemed to be ok last night. No weird noises – in fact it’s so quiet I actually like the odd train going by and a lone plane going over. It’s pretty quiet at home but this is something else! I think the fact the house is surrounded by gravel that would make it hard for an intruder to keep their presence quiet maybe helped!

First proper day today and it was forecast to be a sunny one so we headed straight for Mundesley beach. A and T made a packed lunch for us all and K got the car ready. It was only 15 minutes drive and we got parked right by the beach.

Windbreak and tent borrowed from the cottage were soon put up and kids into their wetsuits! A good hour or so followed of bodyboarding and swimming – they had so much fun. There was a sort of pool across the beach before the shoreline which was very shallow but perfect for floating in and they loved it. We made the most of the day there as parking wasn’t cheap. Picnic and ice cream to keep us going. But the worst cup of tea EVER from the cafe!

We were so impressed with the beach and it had been highly recommended so it was great that expectations were met – and probably exceeded. Sand brushed off and gear packed up we headed home to a barbecue out on the patio and then a few games of boules to follow. Then an impromptu bike ride around the Quiet Lanes on our doorstep. So lovely – still a few cars about but they were all very considerate and our youngest (nervous) cyclist coped very well. Showers all round and then a few chocs from the welcome pack while watching a bit of Back to the Future on TV before bed.

A top day.





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