Day 93

Have spent most of today thinking it was Wednesday! Not sure if that’s a sign that I’m so much in holiday mode that I’ve lost all sense of time or that I’ve officially lost the plot. Hoping it’s the former.

Slightly disappointing start to the day as we were unable to go to Blakeney Point to see the seals. The morning ferry had already left and they weren’t sending any more as the tides were a bit mixed up and there was no water to go out on. Big shame and very disappointed all round.

However we carried on to the second stage of our plan and did some more cycling – this time around the beautiful grounds of Holkham Park. We did one circuit before lunch (which was eaten mainly sheltering beneath a tree from a sudden downpour of rain) and then a different one after lunch. A was struggling a bit with some of the hills but proved herself wrong when she managed to make it up the final big hill and was rewarded with a very whizzy downward run back to the beginning again. Superb.

Quick stop off back to the glass factory to collect the kids masterpieces and then home to freshen up before going for dinner at a local pub that my lovely friend had recommended to us. We hadn’t booked (another error like the seal trip this morning) but thankfully they were able to squeeze us in with the promise that we would be done by 7.30pm giving us just over an hour. If they’d met us before they’d have realised that this wouldn’t be an issue as we are a family of fast eaters! Delicious food – if a little hastily eaten even by our standards! K had the Black and Tan steak pie which looked amazing despite having erupted all over the plate. And with mushy peas and chips to accompany it he was in good heaven.

Family cards before bed. Fingers crossed for a beach day tomorrow which I think is Wednesday but am not quite sure 😉

A note of 2 things that made me smile today:- first one was when I overheard a mum with her 2 young daughters as she was saying “please stop bickering – you’re ruining my day”. Not just me then! Second was something that grandad would find funny so it’s here for his benefit really. I followed two couples of about retirement age – one of the men was being pushed in a wheelchair but had crutches so it was clearly temporary. The two ladies went off to get coffee and the two men were left with the wheelchair man parked up. As I came back from the toilets the non wheelchair man was making a real meal out of taking a photo of the wheelchair one and saying “no you need to lean to the left a bit more….that’s better. And dribble a bit…. Go on of course you can….”. So silly and so funny. Not very politically correct I know but they were having a real laugh and I can only imagine the ladies’ horror at what they’d been up to while they’d been left alone. I wonder who the photo was intended for and of you ever get too old to prank.


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