Day 94

Lots of happy moments today. We made it to the beach – we had a change today and went to Overstrand – and T and A had great fun bodyboarding again. Love the looks on their faces when a big wave brings them straight in to shore. Looks brilliant. A made a fab sand rowing boat which she named The Wynken after our poem. T dug a deep hole and was thrilled when he “struck water” as he called it!

The weather turned mid afternoon and went decidedly chilly so we headed back for a hot chocolate and a film. A and I snuggled up to watch Bridge to Terabithia which is such a lovely film about imagination, friendships, growing up and grief and it always brings a tear to my eyes.

Another fab barbecue which K and T sorted out while we watched our film and now family card games again.

We’re all a bit sad that we have to get packed up tomorrow ready to be off by 10am on Friday but we have another week to go and we know Southwold so well that we are all excited about the week ahead.



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