Day 95

Last day of our first week. Weather looked ok so we decided to give Bewilderwood a go after a few recommendations. It’s an adventure park based around a story with lots of climbing structures and slides etc. We weren’t sure if T would be too old for it but saw lots of other kids his age and older going in so looked promising.

They had a fab time. Lots to do and the story element of it was very much take it or leave it so T didn’t have to get involved. They’ve done zip wires and massive slides and climbing frames and we almost managed to complete a Sky Maze as a family until I bottled it at the entrance to a tunnel and had to walk all the way back to the bottom again as I just couldn’t make myself go through it. Was very cross with myself – but no one made me feel bad so it didn’t ruin the day. A had her face painted and we had a trip in a boat. All very good. Until the heavens opened! Yes it was a wood so quite sheltered but even so we had to stand for quite some time under a treehouse to keep dry before making a dash back to the car!

Popped to Cromer to buy my nan some rock as requested. Mint flavoured. And then picked up fish and chips on the way home for tea. All picked up now ready for stage two. A doesn’t want to leave here – she loves it. Hoping the pool and the change of scene will help her cope with the disappointment!



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