Day 98

Lazy Sunday lie in and then a very windswept walk on Dunwich Beach – cut very short by rain. Lovely Sunday lunch at the local pub – glad we booked as it was heaving. Then as we’ve promised the kids to go crabbing every year we’ve been here and failed we decided to make good our promise and so walked to Walberswick.

Crabbing essentials purchased (there were nets at the house thankfully) we set ourselves up and waited. K had had to walk back to move the car so it was just T, A and I to start with and I have to say K was suitably impressed when he arrived to find a bucket full of pincers! It was great fun and we got chatting to another family (very unlike us!) and A had fun with their little girl. I had not expected to enjoy the experience one bit (deep water, wriggling pinching creatures, manky nets, etc) but it was brilliant and we’ll definitely be going again on future visits.

Back for another swim in the pool (I had an hour to myself reading to try and shift a niggly headache) and then another lazy evening. We’re really enjoying being back on familiar territory and looking forward to visiting favourite places. And maybe discovering new ones.

On another note, my mum has written a commemoration to my great-grandfather who died in WW1 on the Every Man Remembered website which is brilliant. He died in an attack at Bourlon Wood in France and I was lucky enough to discover his grave on a school trip in1989. I don’t think I really understood the enormity of this at the time (the family had no information about him or his fate until then) but reading about him as an adult is quite an emotional thing. He had seven children (one of whom died soon after he enlisted) and it was their loss that makes it all the more sad. I’m determined that I will take T and A (hopefully with G and G) to see the grave.




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