Day 99

After a bit of a false start due to diversions that led us very round the houses we made it to Rendlesham Forest for a bike ride. Really impressed with it – it’s Forestry Commission land like Wendover so we had a good feeling about it and friends of G&G had recommended it – very well spaced out with lots of picnic tables and great play areas. We managed to persuade T and A that we could do the ten mile route and then have lunch so off we set.

Unfortunately, as we were so late arriving we didn’t get going till gone 1pm and by about halfway round they were flagging a bit! But we kept going and managed the whole route with only a bit of complaining about rumbling stomachs and lack of energy!
I have some great conversations with T when we are cycling and particularly today as he’s reading a book that I’ve read and we had a good chat about it – he’s reading Wonder by RJ Palacio about a boy born with a genetic defect causing him to have a severely deformed face. T’s really enjoying it and it’s a brilliant book dealing with lots of issues in a really clever way.

A did really well again and kept going despite being bitten; getting a rash on her arm from some ferns whilst hiding; and banging the bridge of her nose on her handlebars! (Don’t ask how!) We had a very well-deserved picnic and then a play in the various areas nearby. A good day out all round.

Home for another swim and a lazy tea. It’s brilliant having the pool to use and we’ve only had to share it for a few minutes each time we’ve been in. We seem to time it just right.

I can’t believe I’m on day 99 of my challenge. It seems only a few weeks since I started this. I’m determined to carry on blogging and hope to carry on having happy days too!



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