Day 100

Well, that’s it. I’ve reached 100 days and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Not every day was easy but knowing I had this blog to write has really helped me see the bright sides of my days or make my own happy moment. As I’ve said on previous posts, I’m definitely enjoying this enough to continue with it, and it’s helped me replace the annoyance of Facebook with another outlet that’s not got the negative side that the social networks have.

Today’s happy moments are easy:

A bracing walk on Dunwich beach hunting for sea glass (none) and pink or white stones (many) and any other interesting items (a few, including a small mermaids purse, a weird stone that looks like a small skull and a piece of driftwood that looks like a dinosaurs head). I always feel so at home on a windy beach – much happier wrapped up in a cagoule with the hood up to fend off the wind than stripped off in a swimming costume!

A fab walk through the beautiful heathland with T guiding us with the borrowed GPS to find some geocaches that were dotted around. We’ve had a go at this before using an app on my phone but this was proper with the coordinates tapped into the handheld GPS by the friendly NT man. It’s such a great way to get the kids out walking and we all get quite excited when we find one.

A lovely dinner on the pier overlooking the colourful beach huts and watching the crazy man sea fishing from the beach with his many rods and his welly boots while the tide was crashing in.

Snuggling on the sofa with A while I read her our favourite bedtime story The Velveteen Rabbit. Perfect.






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