Day 101

I know I’ve finished the 100 days but until I can think of a better title for my posts I’m sticking with the days…

We had to decide today whether we should have a beach day or visit the final places on our list and the beach won. And thank goodness! It was a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies and probably the second hottest day we have had in the whole two weeks. Unfortunately, we hadn’t expected it to be so warm so we’d left the body boards behind. The kids still braved it in the sea for a splash around though, and we made some brilliant sandcastles again. The clouds rolled in about 3pm so we headed back for a swim in the pool.

We’ve had a lovely evening sitting all together watching Bake Off – one programme that we’ve realised we all enjoy. We’ve not watched hardly any TV while we’ve been away – we’ve either played cards or read books. Really lovely and hope it may continue when we’re home again. Probably not though.

Looking forward to our last day tomorrow. I’m normally itching to get packed up and get home by now but I will be really sad to leave this time, it’s been such a brilliant holiday.

We’ve been talking about next years holidays and have decided that the 2 week break has worked really well and we think it’s mainly due to the change of venue halfway through. The dilemma is going to be whether we try and get abroad for a week in May half term, and then just have a week in the summer, or to go for two weeks in the summer again. One key factor will be that the kids will really need separate rooms next year. It’s been ok this year but T is definitely getting to the age where he wants his privacy and i expect that this will be even more of an issue next year when he will officially be a teenager! Scary thought. Oh well. It’s a nice dilemma to ponder on. Finances will obviously play a big part in the decision!



A listening to her audio book while getting warm


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