The end of the holiday….

….and we’re all sad to be going home tomorrow. We’ve had another lovely day at Snape and then Aldeburgh – the final 2 places on our to-do list. Great to think we have a long bank holiday weekend to look forward to when we get back. Not great to think of all the back to school things we need to do over the aforementioned long weekend. School shoes. Urgh.

It’s been a fantastic holiday and I am so pleased that we’ve all got on so well and that we’re all feeling that it’s flown by rather than anyone thinking it’s been a loooong holiday! We’ve picked up a few souvenirs (no kiss-me-quick-hat type items I assure you) including a lovely new mug for me to use when I am working to remind me of all the very very happy moments I have had. And I’ve got some great photos to put in the 2014 album I need to make at the end of the year.

Top memories: kids bodyboarding at Mundesley; walking on Dunwich beach and Heath; bike riding at Rendlesham forest; seeing the very pretty Curlew Cottage for the first time; the beach days at Southwold beach; fab food at the various pubs we’ve been to!

Things I’m looking forward to getting home to: seeing G&G; sleeping in my super comfy bed and my head laying on my pillows; eating a bit less indulgently and losing the extra poundage that I’ve gained in the last 2 weeks!; catching up with friends and my brother and hearing about their holidays; book club on Wednesday (I bought a book today to try and read before then!)

So many things still to do and enjoy in the next few months. And I will keep posting updates to look back on. I’ve had a look back at my first few posts and already it seems like ages ago and it’s only been 100 days. Amazing.


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